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14 mei 2019
Sri Chinmoy 100 km en 50 km zaterdag 25 mei 2019
2 mei 2019
Limburg Loopt Lekker 11 mei, deelnemers welkom
26 apr 2019
De ontwikkeling van het ultralopen in Nederland vanaf 2008
23 apr 2019
Wouter Huitzing loopt FKT op Pieterpad
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* 14 mei 2019: Sri Chinmoy 100 km en 50 km zaterdag 25 mei 2019
* 2 mei 2019: Limburg Loopt Lekker 11 mei, deelnemers welkom
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NIEUWS van Oktober 2003
Nunes is not convenient to he situation, with Paul Beckers just behind him. He locking back over and over again, and it seems that Paul Beckers is waiting, knowing that is better to become first than to defend the leading position. He is constantly looking at the difference. Of course nobody is fresh, and also Beckers has to push himself. Taelman, the other Belgium guy of the first hours, suffered from coldness during the night. With daylight we expect him to be better again. “Fresh” looking is our Japanese guy, Sekiya, so we have to wait to see what he is up to. I can assure you, the later hours of this championship will continue in exiting way.

In the women’s race Berces is convenient in the lead. You all saw a list of all women last hour.

There is still no clearness to us about being Nunes involved in the World Championship or just the open race. According to all official papers we get, Beckers is second in the race but first in the World Championship. Nunes must come from the moon or so. Best to do for Beckers is to win the race, so we do net have the discussion of a World Champion being second. The Japanese guy is also in Championship. Second non-Championship runner in the listing is the second Brazilian. Perhaps the federation didn’t do their job so well?

Latest news is that Nunes did not pass recently, so probably he has difficulties to continue (at least at a speed to continue the lead).

The organisation will from now on publish intermediate results every hour, so look at for the latest digits.

latest intermediate ranking:

1 Beckers BEL 217K5 / 18:50'
2 Sekiya JPN 215K0 / 18:47'
3 Nunes BRA 212K5 / 18:22'
4 Van Acker BEL 212K5 / 18:51

so Nunes did not pass the last 40 minutes!


Berces HUN 195K0 / 18:56'

Anton Smeets

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