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27 okt 2019
Wereldrecord vrouwen van Camille Herron op de 24 uur
26 okt 2019
WK 24 uur over de helft
22 okt 2019
Backyards Ultra's, de nieuwe trend in het ultralopen
21 okt 2019
Uitslagen en wedstrijden weekend 19-20 oktober
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NIEUWS van December 2003
Realizing how much running across America means to those who have indicated their wish to run, my wife, Mary Stewart (the Race Manager) and I have agreed that we can put the race on with the nine entrants who have already made their long-term commitment to the run by paying the full Entry Fee six months before the race.
In order to put the race on with a reduced budget, runners who have studied the 2002 Run closely should be aware that we have had to make some changes in the way the race will be conducted.

The main change is that there will only be two organizers and one vehicle on the course. This means we will rely on the Course Descriptions prepared in 2002 and each day's stage will only be scouted on the day. Thus any road closures will result in some unforeseen changes to the route being run that day and possibly confusion for runners and crews. We hope this doesn't occur but it might.

Having only two organizers means there will be times when we get very tired. We hope we do not let this show but it might! If we become exhausted the website will not be updated daily, and individual copies of the results may not be available every day. A copy of the Daily Results will be open for inspection, and the cumulative results as time allows.
And in order to save money we have had to cut out the Awards Party in New York, although all finishers will still receive a plaque. We hope that as far as the runners are concerned the race will be much like that of 2002. The course will be marked, times taken, motels booked etc.

The Run is still open to new entrants. For details of how to enter please visit

Alan Firth, Race Director 

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