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NIEUWS van Februari 2001
Subject: Invitation to the XI All-Russian Open 100 K Running Championships,
From: Mr. Konstantin Santalov, three times World Champion in 100 K Run, the XI All Russian Open 100 K run Championships Organizing Committee Chairman, Race Director.


Hereby I invite you and all the runners you may be able to contact to take part in

The XI All-Russian Open 100 K Running Championships

on April, 20 - 26, 2001 in the town of Chernogolovka, Moscow Region.

The Organizing Committee of the Championships provides all the services the Athlete may require, i.e. airport meetings and transfers, hotel accommodation and a shuttle bus straight to the Championship venue. We also provide special tour programs in Moscow (2 days) and St. Petersburg (3 days).

The Program

1-St day (April 20)
Your arrival to Moscow. Hotel accommodation. Transfer provided.

2nd day (April 21)
Moscow tour and excursions program (English-speaking guide)

3rd day (April 23)
The XI All-Russian Open 100 K Running Championships, Chernogolovka.

4th day (April 24)
Moscow tour program continues. Departure to St.Petersburg.

5th day (April 25)
St Petersburg tour and excursions program (English-speaking guide)

6th day (April 26)
St.Petersburg tour program continues; Return to Moscow.

7th day (April 27)
Your departure from Moscow. Transfer provided.

The total cost of the program is USD 350
This cost includes:
- all the transfers,
- 3*** Hotel accomodation in Moscow and St.Petersburg (full board ),
- Moscow excursions (The Kremlin Palaces, Armory Museum Chambers, Evening Moscow sightseeing tour),
- Moscow - St.Petersburg train return ticket, St.Petersburg excursions
- The After Race Banquet.

Please note- all the terms and tour programs may be changed to meet your personal needs and requests.

The XI All-Russian Open 100 K Running Championships

Date: April, 22, 2001


8:00 A.M. 50km Run & 100km Run Start
8:30 A.M. 10x10 Relays Run Start
11:00 A.M. 10 km. Veterans Run Start
12:00 A.M. Children Runs:
50km & 100km. Run (1983 y.b.and older)
5 km Run (1982-1983y.b.)
3 km Run (1984-85 y.b.)
3 km Run (1986-87 y.b.)
2 km Run (1988-89 y.b.)
1 km Run (1990-91 y.b.)
1 km Run (1992-93 y.b.)
0.5 km Run (1994 y.b. and younger)

Cutoff: 13 hours ( 8 A.M.- 9 P.M.)

Championships Venue:
The suburban town of Chernogolovka, Moscow Region (approx. 40 km.far from Moscow City). Paved road 5 km. lap. No traffic.The town stands almost in the woods.

Climate Features:
The climate is continental. Average temperature in April is approx.15-20 Degrees Celcius. Average air moisture level - 70%. Surface - flat.

Elevations: none

Course Records:
100 km. - (men) 6:36:43 Mr. Anatoliy KRUGLIKOV (Russia)
100 km - (women) 7:47:15 Mrs. Elvira KOLPAKOVA (Russia)

50 km - (men) 2:53:41 Mr. Anatoly KOREPANOV (Russia)
50 km - (women) 3:39:21 Mrs. Svetlana SAVOSKINA (Russia)

Entree Fees: 100 km. and 50 km Run- $ 30
10 x 10 relays - $100

Veterans and Children run for free

Registration rules:

Every runner must send a Participation Request in order to be registered as a Participant of the Championships. This request must contain your Personal Data and Running Experience. Please, let us have your Registration Request by Email or by Fax 007 095 958 2679. We shall contact you straight to confirm your Registration. The Official Invitation, in order to apply for a Russian visa, will be sent to you at your request.
Payment is required by cash or by bearer-cheque on arrival.

The Registration closes on March 31, 2001.
Every Registration Request sent after this date will be accepted upon the decision of the Organizing Committee, as there must be time enough for you to get the Russian Visa issued.


The Winners will be awarded with Medals, Special Prizes and Valuable Prizes in the evening after the Championships.
The After Race Banquet will be held right after the Awarding Ceremony.

Organizing Committe Address:

Office 207, 3, 1st Schipkovsky Pereulok Street, 113097, Moscow, Russia

Dear Sir,
Could you please pass this information to anyone who may have interest in it, if you would. I shall be much obliged for any assistance. Thank you in advance for your time and trouble. Could you please inform me on my Email , or or by Fax 007 095 958 2679 if somebody comes to The XI All-Russian Open 100 K Running Championships. You may also call 007 095 931 9939, should you have any questions. Thank you again.
Waiting for your coming!
Kindest Regards,

Konstantin Santalov,

Three times World Champion in 100 K. Run, The XI All Russian Open 100 K run Championships Organizing Committee Chairman,
Race Director.


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