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27 okt 2019
Wereldrecord vrouwen van Camille Herron op de 24 uur
26 okt 2019
WK 24 uur over de helft
22 okt 2019
Backyards Ultra's, de nieuwe trend in het ultralopen
21 okt 2019
Uitslagen en wedstrijden weekend 19-20 oktober
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* 19 mrt 2002: Lucien Taelman wint 100km Saint Nazaire(F)
* 18 mrt 2002: Uitslag Binnenmaas Non-stop
* 18 mrt 2002: Nieuw! - UltraNed klassement
* 18 mrt 2002: Belg Pol Dekeirel wint Pafos Marathon 2002
* 17 mrt 2002: Rik Goethals wint 6u van La Gorgue(F)
* 14 mrt 2002: Belgische voorselectie WK 100km
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* 3 mrt 2002: Stein 2002 in slotwoorden om 17:20
* 3 mrt 2002: Stein in cijfers om 17:03 part I
* 3 mrt 2002: Stein in cijfers om 17:03 part II
* 3 mrt 2002: Stein 2002 in woorden om 16:00
* 3 mrt 2002: Stein in cijfers om 15:56 part I
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NIEUWS van Maart 2002
Belgian runner Dekeirel sets the pace, wins the race

A bright sunny morning assisted in producing a festive atmosphere as 500 runners assembled for the various events (Marathon, Half Marathon and 10km Road Race). The events, which were successfully organised by NIKI Sports Management, started and finished at the Pafos Mediaeval Fort square. The starting gun fired by the Mayor of Pafos Mr. Phidias Sarikas saw the Marathon depart at 8:30 a.m. followed by the Half Marathon at 9:15 a.m. and the 10km at 9:30 a.m. At 8:50 a.m. Ms Andrea Shaw a physical training instructor supervised a warm-up session in which hundreds of runners participated and enjoyed.

The number of runners that participated indicated the big impact of the event, as most of the runners came from abroad, especially to participate in the event. There were runners from 15 different countries such as UK, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Israel, Sweden, Austria, Argentina, Finland, Holland, Norway, Switzerland etc. The route took the runners from the Pafos Mediaeval Fort Square, along the sea front road through Pafos. At specific points the different running events turned back retracing the route.

The Belgian runner Pol Dekeirel won the SpiderNet Pafos Marathon 2002 finishing in a time of 2:48:58. Abdelkader Ben-Mohamed from France was second in 2:48:59. Seidel Susanne of Germany clocking 3:25:55 won the women’s race with Susan Preston from UK in second place with a time of 3:48:59.

The Briton Des Murney with a time of 1:17:33 won the SpiderNet Pafos Half Marathon. The UK lady Lyn Higgs with the time of 1:30:15 won the ladies’ race. The male winner of the SpiderNet Pafos 10km Road Race was the Cypriot athlete Stavros Melas with a time of 35:19 and female winner was the UK lady Deborah Webb with the time 41:09.

The "7,5 km Tsada Village Run" which was organised on Tuesday 5th March was a huge success. More than 120 overseas participants enjoyed the 7,5-km run which followed a course that wound in and around the village. Prior to the main race the programme included a children’s fun run. All finishers in the 7,5-km run were awarded with a bottle of local wine whilst event and age group categories were awarded medals. After the completion of the running event the Tsada school children performed folklore dancing and all participants were given the opportunity to sample local wines and local dishes prepared by village families.

Each participant who finished the SpiderNet Pafos Marathon 2002 was given a quality, commemorative T-shirt and an engraved medal. Awards were given to the first three runners in each of the 48 categories. After the race the Organisers offered to all participants ample quantities of seasonal fruits and quantities of free Carlsberg beer, ENA juices and AGROS mineral water. The Pafos Dancing Group of Genethlios Stavrinou performed for all runners and spectator alike after the completion of the running events. It was a real running festival! Race results can be seen in the Web page:

All in all the city of Pafos produced a spectacular event that heralded not just a few but hundreds of winners. As the many finishers exited Pafos Mediaeval Fort square an overwhelming sense of achievement radiated from the Fort. The Organisers of the SpiderNet Pafos Marathon 2002 express their sincere thanks to all the sponsors of the race. The major sponsor of the event Spidernet Services Ltd. and the supportive sponsors Photos Photiades Ltd. - Carlsberg, Leptos Group of Companies, adidas, Savero Ltd., Cyprus Airways, Cyprus Tourism Organisation, Pafos Municipality and PHOTOKINISI. NIKI sports Management would like to thank each and every one who was involved, in any capacity, in this, the running of the SpiderNet Pafos Marathon 2002.

Preparations have already begun for the 2003 SpiderNet Pafos Marathon which will be held on Sunday 2nd March 2003. Another running opportunity is the Kolossi Half Marathon & 10 km which will be held on Sunday 1st December 2002. Kolossi running event has the flatest course on the island. Looking forward welcoming you to our running events.

All the best with your running,
Stavros Kakourides
Race Director

SpiderNet Pafos Marathon -
Kolossi Half Marathon & 10 km -

P. O. Box 12063 Tel:00357 22370396
2340 Lakatamia Fax:00357 22370404

Anton Smeets

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